As the 2024 presidential election approaches, media attention is increasingly shifting towards speculating on who former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate might be.

One contender is Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who has positioned himself as a strong advocate for a robust national defense and strict immigration policies. His political profile often places him in discussions about future Republican leadership and even potential presidential candidates.

Here is some of what Fox News reported on the senator and his association with the Trump campaign:

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., is in the Trump running mate spotlight.

The Army veteran, who served in combat in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars before becoming a rising star in Republican Party politics, has been viewed as a potential running mate since he endorsed the former president in early January, two weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

But buzz about the senator intensified following a slew of media reports in late May that Cotton was moving up on Trump’s list for the GOP’s vice presidential nomination.

“I speak to President Trump and his senior team pretty regularly about the campaign and that we’re doing everything we can to set him up for success,” Cotton said this past week in an interview with Fox News Digital.

But Cotton emphasized that “we haven’t talked about the vice presidential choice.”

“I suspect there’s only one person who knows who’s genuinely on his short list and who he’s going to choose and that’s President Trump, and I’m confident that with a great roster of Republicans that he’s going to make a good choice at the right time,” the senator added.

Asked if he’d say yes if Trump offered him the running mate slot, Cotton said, “I do love my job in the United States Senate. It’s a privilege and an honor to serve the people of Arkansas and the people of our nation, but of course, any patriot if asked by the President of the United States to serve in another capacity, would have to seriously entertain it.”