Putin Warns of WWIII If West Intervenes in Ukraine

Russian President Putin | Photo by Contributor/Getty Images

Putin recently called out Western leaders who have threatened to send NATO troops to turn the tide in Ukraine by stating such a move would bring about World War III.

Fresh off of receiving a record 87% of the vote during a three-day election, Putin gave a joint victory speech and press conference that included a riposte to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement in February that sending ground troops into Ukraine was a very real possibility. Putin was prompted by an inquiry about how likely a full-scale war between Russia and the Western nations was in light of Macron’s bellicose statements.

“Everything is possible in the modern world,” Putin replied, noting that Russia would be ready for any eventuality.

“It is clear to everyone, that this will be one step away from a full-fledged World War III,” Putin stated. “I do not think anyone is interested in this,” he added.

Putin won the election by what is being called a historic margin with record turnout, but Western observers question the legitimacy of the victory given his iron grip on the country’s political landscape.

Expressing the stance of the Biden administration, U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan stated on March 18 that ” there was nothing free or fair about this election, and the outcome was preordained.”

“The reality is that President Putin is the President of Russia. We’ve had to deal with that reality throughout the war in Ukraine, throughout the other aggression Russia has undertaken, throughout the other steps contrary to U.S. national interests that we have seen from this President and from the Russian Federation under his leadership. And we will continue to deal with that reality,” added Sullivan.

Over the weekend, the French president softened his rhetoric and said he would ask Russia for a truce during the upcoming summer Olympics in France.

When asked about Macron’s plan to sue for a cease-fire, Putin said he would consider it should Macron follow through with the request. But he also used the topic to reiterate that Russia was interested in a lasting and honestly brokered peace.

“I have not heard this statement by the president of France. We are ready to consider any request,” Putin said, according to a translation by Russian media outlet Sputnik.

“You know, I have always said that we are in favor of peaceful negotiations, but not because the opponent is running out of ammunition. We are in favor of these negotiations if they are in earnest and, long term, have the desire to build peaceful, good, neighborly relations between the two states. Not just that they want to use this year or two years to rearm themselves.”

During his nearly 45-minute post-victory speech press conference, Putin offered his take on why he thinks that the Western elites are seemingly committed to his country’s defeat and why this was not likely to change any time in the near future:

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were a lot of specialists on the Soviet Union and they had no other skills than how to fight the Soviet Union. And then they used these skills against Russia. And they started to convince their political leaders and the people in their countries that they need[ed] to finish Russia off because they wanted to keep their jobs. But the new generation of specialists is coming in and they have a realistic view of the situation. I think they will act in a more cunning manner, but they will not change the goals regarding Russia,” stated Putin.

Commenting on Putin’s message to the West, Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor, former advisor to former President Donald Trump, told The Dallas Express that the French and NATO should heed Putin’s red lines.

“Moscow has repeatedly warned Washington and its NATO allies against militarizing Ukraine and making it part of NATO. Moscow is no less serious about its readiness to annihilate the French or any NATO forces that intervene in western Ukraine. It would be wise if the collective West finally listened,” said Macgregor.

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