In an amusing development over the weekend, The Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial board called on former President Donald Trump to drop out of the race because of his debate performance.

The editorial board made its plea in an op-ed published on Saturday, styling the headline in a manner reminiscent of The New York Times editorial board’s own op-ed calling on President Joe Biden to step aside so a more coherent Democrat could emerge from the field.

As previously relayed by The Dallas Express, Democrats called Biden’s performance an “unmitigated disaster” after the 81-year-old struggled to form sentences and keep pace with 78-year-old Trump.

The piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer seemed like a retort to NYT’s earnest plea, which asserted that the “greatest public service Mr. Biden can now perform is to announce that he will not continue to run for re-election.”

While the op-ed acknowledged Biden’s “disjointed responses and dazed look,” rather than hopping aboard the Joe-needs-to-go train, The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board is claiming that Trump’s litany of purportedly unfactual statements warrants his exit from the race.

“Trump, 78, has been on the political stage for eight years marked by chaos, corruption, and incivility. Why go back to that?” reads the op-ed. “To build himself up, Trump constantly tears the country down. There is no shining city on the hill. It’s just mourning in America.”

Here is some of what Hanna Panreck wrote about the op-ed for Fox News:

The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board called on former President Trump to bow out of the race following his debate with President Biden, citing a “bombastic litany of lies.”


“The debate about the debate is misplaced. The only person who should withdraw from the race is Trump,” the editorial board wrote on Saturday.


Biden’s debate performance sparked panic from members of the media, in addition to some members of the Democratic Party, as several media outlets have suggested he withdraw from the race. The Inquirer acknowledged that Biden’s showing at the debate was a “disaster,” but argued Trump was the one who should step down.


“The debate served as a reminder of what another four years of Trump would look like. More lies, grievance, narcissism, and hate. Supporters say they like Trump because he says whatever he thinks. But he mainly spews raw sewage,” the Inquirer wrote.

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