WASHINGTON, D.C. — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton demonstrated that he has not been intimidated into softening his rhetoric against the Biden administration since prevailing in his impeachment trial, using his appearance at a political conference attended by The Dallas Express to accuse the president of partnering with cartels.

“Joe Biden is clearly in partnership, without saying it or having a written contract with the cartels. …  This is true. He has told them openly, ‘Bring as many people as possible as fast as you can. You don’t have to hide from us anymore,'” Paxton stated when asked about the legal battle with the Biden administration over the open border during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

“So this is an administration that this is exactly what they want. They know they are helping cartels bring the drugs in, human trafficking. It is all designed by our government. So we are in a war with the cartels, the Chinese-imported fentanyl, and our own president against the United States, our country, and my state.”

Paxton made the comments while participating in a panel discussion of the role of the judicial branch and the belief that Democrats have been using lawfare to attack its political opponents, like the Texas AG himself.

Stephen Miller, who served as senior policy advisor to former President Donald Trump, also spoke on the panel, praising the courage of Paxton and U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC), another panel member who is leaving his seat to run for attorney general in North Carolina.

“The only way out of this nightmare is going to be filling every legal office in this country with Dan Bishops and Ken Paxtons,” Miller said.

He then went on to explain what sets Paxton apart from other Republicans and other right-leaning politicians:

“There is something really broken in the conservative brain,” Miller claimed, which he described as a fear of “having power and using power. Conservatives are addicted to the language of libertarianism, which is fine. You know it’s a terrible ideology. But in an academic setting, okay, have these debates.”

Miller then named elected judicial branch and law enforcement offices, including that of the attorney general, which he said are embued “with specific powers, duties, and responsibilities, with the expectation that they will use that authority to defeat evil, to protect the good, and to accomplish positive change in society.”