The Biden campaign launched an ad in key states, presenting the election as a decision between a “convicted criminal” and a president “standing up for your family” in its newest move to capitalize on Donald Trump’s legal troubles in his trial for accepting bribes, according to a report by CNN:

“It marks the first time President Joe Biden’s campaign has used Trump’s legal woes in its television advertising campaigns, setting up a major contrast push as the two prepare to face off in their first debate, which will be hosted by CNN on June 27. The campaign spot, titled ‘Character Matters,’ is part of a $50 million ad buy in June and will run on television and internet-connected TV in battleground states and on national cable, the campaign announced Monday.

“The 30-second spot opens with black-and-white images of Trump walking into the Manhattan courthouse where he was recently found guilty of falsifying business records, before pivoting to draw a contrast with what the campaign says Biden’s administration has accomplished.

“’In the courtroom we see Donald Trump for who he is. He’s been convicted of 34 felonies, found liable for sexual assault, and he committed financial fraud,’ the narrator says. ‘Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s been working, lowering health care costs and making big corporations pay their fair share.’”

“’This election is between a convicted criminal who is only out for himself,’ the narrator says as the former president’s mug shot splashes across the screen. ‘And a president who is fighting for your family.’

“Trump’s campaign responded to the ad by repeating its claim that the hush money trial amounted to ‘election interference’ and pointed to recent polling that indicates Biden’s message is struggling to break through in key battlegrounds.”

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