According to FOX 4 KDFW, the national average starting salary for teachers in 2024 is $44,530. Additionally, the national average salary for teachers is reported to be $69,544.

FOX 4 noted, “As schools across the country struggle to find teachers to hire, more governors are pushing for pay increases, bonuses and other perks for the beleaguered profession.

“Meanwhile, teacher salaries have fallen further and further behind those of their college-educated peers in other fields.

“Besides fewer teachers getting certified, the “teacher pay penalty” — the gap between teacher salaries and their college-educated peers in other professions — is growing.

“Even with record-level increases in some states, average teacher pay has failed to keep up with inflation over the past decade.

“Adjusted for inflation, on average, teachers are making 5% less than they did 10 years ago, the National Education Association (NEA) said in April 2024.”

To look at teacher salaries across the country, read FOX 4’s full article HERE.