Nashville Suspect Was Not First Trans Shooter

Audrey Hale | Image by Metro Nashville Police

Shortly after the tragic shooting at Covenant School in Nashville on Monday, it came to light that the suspect identified as transgender.

The alleged shooter who opened fire on students and staff, taking the lives of six individuals, was Audrey Hale — a 28-year-old former student of the private Christian school.

Hale was a biological woman who reportedly identified as a transgender man and preferred the name “Aiden.”

However, Hale is not the only mass shooter who has identified as transgender.

Maya McKinney admitted to taking part in a 2019 shooting at a charter school in the Denver region. The shooting wounded eight students and left one dead.

McKinney, a teenager at the time of the shooting, is a biological female who identifies as a man and goes by the name “Alec.” McKinney’s attorneys reportedly requested that she be referred to by “he/him” pronouns in court.

Snochia Moseley, 26, carried out a shooting that killed three people and injured three more outside of a Rite Aid warehouse in Aberdeen, Maryland, on September 20, 2018. Moseley died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound the same day.

According to a friend and screenshots of her social media, Moseley was a biological woman transitioning to identifying as a man.

A mass shooting last year at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs was allegedly perpetrated by Anderson Lee Aldrich, a biological man who was born Nicholas Franklin Brink and identifies as nonbinary. The shooting left five people dead.

On Monday, these details were raised in a viral tweet by Benny Johnson, a commentator and chief creative officer of Turning Point USA, that even garnered the attention of the platform’s owner, Elon Musk.

“One thing is VERY clear: the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists,” Johnson wrote.

Similarly, Oli London, a formerly transgender man who has firmly spoken out against “gender ideology” since his detransition, alleged, “The trans movement is pushing more and more extremism each day,” per Newsweek.

“They recruit people, indoctrinate them and pump them full of propaganda until they become filled with hate and rage,” London claimed.

However, others note that transgender and nonbinary shooters still constitute a very small fraction of mass shooters in the United States.

“4 shooters out of over 300 mass shooters since 2009 are transgender or non binary,” wrote Anthony Zenkus, a Columbia School of Social Work professor, on Twitter. “That’s just 1.3% of all shooters … 99% of mass shooters in the United States are cis gendered.”

According to Everytown Research and Policy, 306 mass shootings in the United States have occurred since 2009. “Everytown defines a mass shooting as any incident in which four or more people are shot and killed, excluding the shooter,” according to the organization’s website.

The Gun Violence Archive reports that more than 2,800 mass shootings have been perpetrated in the United States from 2018 to the present — defining mass shootings as any incident in which four victims are shot, whether or not they are killed.

Accounting for this much larger figure, transgender or nonbinary shooters would be responsible for 0.14% of mass shootings over the past five years.

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  1. Scooterville

    Brought to you by Pfizer?

    • Wolfman

      Brought to you by the media who lies about laws Conservative legislators pass. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSLSD all need to be sued out of existence.

  2. Bill

    Only 1.3 percent of mass shooters have been trans or non-binary? Considering how trans or non-binary people make up about 0.00001 percent of the population in the US it’s very clear that an overwhelming percentage of them are incredibly unstable, should never have access to a firearm and in all likelihood should be institutionalized to receive psychological treatment.

  3. Bob Donolina

    Dallas Express — the straight white people’s paper.

    It’s strange how none of your school shooting headlines mention “white male incel.”

    You will, however, beat the word “trans” to death as it is the latest conservative boogie man.

    When will this “newspaper” report on Fox News being sued for lying to its viewers? Probably the same day as you admit to pandering to yours.

    • David E

      Again, “Brought to you by pfizer”!

      • Wolfman

        More like “brought to you by payote

    • ThisGuyisTom

      You are mistaken as to the “white” heritage of The Dallas Express.
      You need to read some of the stories presented in the archive versions freely featured on the right side of the Home Page.

      Also…As far as I see it, there is no bias in reporting facts. That is what I have noticed with the news stories at this paper.

      • R Reason

        The problem is that other media organizations have well-documented disagreements with your gushing support of this right-wing-nut-news outfit; a well-read conspiracy theorist would probably know that. It is truly a puzzling dichotomy. 

    • Wolfman

      Not the brightest crayon in the box, are you, son? You make Forrest Gump look like Albert Einstein.

      While your argument has some merit, you should apply it to your own side and what you’ve done with racism. What we on the right are saying about this shooter is the truth. What you on the left, however, say about racism is pure fantasy, probably brought on by whichever psychedelic drug you are currently taking.

    • Keepin it real!

      Hi Bob, I was beginning to think I was the only reasonable person reading this rag! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR ASSESSMENT! Whoever runs Dallas Express is just as guilty of stoking hate as Fox News.

    • Bill

      White male incels do not proudly self-describe themselves as incels. When dealing with a trans person or non-binary it’s like talking to a vegan, it’s the only thing they will talk about and they gladly self identify as such.

  4. ksm

    We cannot blame sexual orientation or mental health problems or lack of security (particularly in schools) etc. as some politicians would have us believe for the thousands of deaths/injuries that occur each year in this country. Easy availability of guns, particularly AR 15 type weapons, and the refusal of these same politicians to pass safe gun laws are the real problem for the thousands of deaths/injuries to innocent people every year in this country.

    • Bill

      One out of every 20 adult Americans owns one or more AR-15s. Semi-automatic rifles have been available on the consumer Market in the United States for about 125 years. Because of their in common use status there is really not any legislation that can legally be passed to get rid of them. They are protected by and enumerated Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

  5. Jay

    She was born a white woman and died a white woman. You can call yourself a unicorn if you want, but what is on your birth certificate is what is fact.

  6. Michael

    The white race already has an UNLIMITED amount of excuses for mass shootings ,they were Bullied, abused, the mental illness card, no one would date them, someone ate the last bagel, now add to Trans them.

    • Bill

      What excuse to young black urban men have for killing one another to the tune of eight or 9,000 people killed each year?

  7. Paul

    The ratio of heterosexual to LGBTQ shooters is a false measure. The better measure is the ratio of each group to their respective population. Assume US population of 330 million and about 7% of which are LGBTQ or roughly 23 million individuals. There are roughly 1.6 million transgender in the US. The remaining 307 million are heterosexual of which 49.5% are male, which is about 152 million.
    So, a correct ratio would be 4/1.6 million vs 302/152 million. In both cases its a very small percentage of each group.

    Hate is hate – regardless of motivation.

  8. ThisGuyisTom

    I am a traditional guy who prefers sexual relations with females.
    I have no problem with someone who has different views on sexuality, as long as they do not impose that sexuality upon the space of others, especially children.
    Because I don’t travel in certain social circles, I am learning the “new” vocabulary.
    CNN QUOTE: “The term “incel” is everywhere. What was once a niche piece of internet slang now populates international headlines and is a frequent topic in discussions about gender, misogyny, violence and extremism.
    “Incel” is a portmanteau of “involuntary celibate.” In its most basic form, incel describes someone, usually a male, who is frustrated by their lack of sexual experiences.
    The Anti-Defamation League, which works to address hate and extremism, defines incels as “heterosexual men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success.”
    “Incel” can also be used as a pejorative to describe someone who has misogynistic viewpoints or behaviors.
    Beyond that, the incel identity shatters into several facets, some of which are considered dangerous both to the public and to the very individuals who claim it.
    However, it’s important to understand the complex ways the term “incel” is used, as well as how it originated and why it connects to certain ideologies….”
    For those who aren’t up on the thesaurus of gender identity politics, ‘cis’ is short for ‘cisgender’ – or people whose ‘gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth’ – or 99% of the population.

  9. Bob Donolina

    Really? This is journalism? You should be ashamed and writing under a pseudonym.

  10. Alfredo Verde

    I find it quite odd that so many Mass Shooters are defined as being Liberal instead of Conservative, and yet the Conservatives are constantly attacked by the Liberals for their views on keeping self-defense guns and the Liberals keep demanding that giving up all of the legally owned guns would end gun violence; and personal defensibility. In Example: If the woman who’s home was invaded by the gang led by gun carrying George Floyd had a gun, he might have not been killed by the police.


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