Michigan Mom Slashes Throats of Her Two Children

Sara Boles. | Image from Fox2

Fox 2 Detroit News reported that a 36-year-old woman is accused of cutting the throats of her two children and choking one of them.

On New Year’s Day, Inkster police responded to the home of Sara Boles to perform a welfare check. Officers had to force entry through the door after hearing cries from the children in the bathtub.

The authorities were able to resuscitate the one-year-old boy, who remains in the hospital in critical condition. The three-year-old girl has been discharged from the hospital.

Inkster Assistant Police Chief Bill Ratliff believes the incident could have been avoided. “It just doesn’t make sense to me why this happened. It could have been prevented,” he said.

According to Ratliff, Boles has been under watch for years, and investigators have warned Child Protective Services (CPS) several times.

Even though reports were filed, the children were not removed from their mother’s care.

He expressed his disappointment: “Their failure to act here certainly would have prevented this from happening. And it frustrates all of us in law enforcement.”

In 2018, during a previous episode, police were called because Boles was standing in the road while threatening people with a saw.

Afterward, in 2020 she harmed herself by slitting her head with razors and pouring hot water on her face.

According to Ratliff, authorities have responded to her house off of Grandview 15 times within three years. Fox News reported that Boles is known to be bipolar, schizophrenic, and manic-depressive.

Other family members have tried to take the children into their care, according to Ratliff. “You have family members and a law enforcement agency telling you there is a problem, and it culminates with two children with their throats slashed in their own house by their own mother,” he said.

He hates to blame CPS workers but feels as though more should be done.

“I don’t want to say it’s irresponsible people; they are overwhelmed. I think more resources need to be sent to CPS,” Ratliff stated.

Boles faces charges of two counts of assault with intent to murder and child abuse.

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