Mexico Sets Up Checkpoint Near Gap in Border Fence

Unlawful migrants enter the U.S through the San Judas break
Unlawful migrants enter the U.S through the San Judas break | Image by CBS

Mexican officials have reportedly established a checkpoint near a gap along the southern border fence after a high number of migrants used the gap to enter the United States unlawfully.

The checkpoint was set up near the San Judas Break, which has allegedly become well-known for being one of the easiest spots for unlawful migrants to be dropped off prior to entering the United States.

Those previously planning to enter from the San Judas Break are reportedly planning to enter from a new gap in the border fence roughly four miles east, though this new entryway appears to be much more difficult to get through, per CBS News.

This new entrance is reportedly inaccessible by vehicle and can only be approached after multiple hours of walking.

Jerry Shuster, who owns land near the San Judas Break, said he has seen thousands of migrants cross into the United States through the gap in the border fence each week since May.

“They come with the suitcases. They come prepared with the computers just like they got off on a Norwegian cruise ship yesterday,” he explained, per 60 Minutes.

Shuster added that he had called border officials about the gap in the past, though fixing the issue did not appear to be a priority at the time of his calls.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that the issue was a priority for the agency, but agents are only allowed to apprehend those who have crossed unlawfully, purportedly leaving them powerless to prevent crossings before they happen, per CBS News.

This new checkpoint comes shortly after Mexican soldiers were reportedly involved in a gunfight with alleged members of a Mexican drug cartel that left 12 alleged cartel members dead.

The shootout occurred in Tamaulipas on Sunday, with the office of Tamaulipas’ spokesperson for security stating that soldiers “were attacked by armed civilians who were hiding in the bush,” per CBS News.

Both state and national officials from the United States have spoken out about the ongoing crisis at the southern border due to the large number of unlawful migrants entering the country.

CBP reported 2,475,669 encounters with unlawful migrants at the southern border during FY 2023, which does not include the number of people who entered the country without being detected.

Texas has since taken multiple steps to manage the influx of unlawful migrants, though many of these actions have been thwarted by lawsuits filed by the federal government.

The state is currently wrapped up in legal battles over a floating barrier in the Rio Grande, concertina wire placed along the border, and a new state law meant to deter unlawful migration.

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