In another recent black eye for American Airlines, a customer’s checked luggage was flown to the wrong destination and ended up at a homeless encampment in Hollywood, California, some five days later.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, companies like American Airlines and others in the air travel industry have been coming under fire for allegedly prioritizing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives over basic business and safety fundamentals.

While the luggage mishap did not in and of itself amount to further evidence of the seeming disregard such companies have for the lives of their passengers, the incident left the affected American Airlines customer hunting for her own luggage after the company claimed it recovered it and shipped it to her home. She ended up having to track down her own bag, which led her to the homeless encampment where vagrants had pilfered her belongings.

The U.S. edition of the Independent covered the story:

“Aunny Grace said her travel nightmare began at Dallas Airport on May 29 when her flight was delayed. ‘American Airlines left thousands of people stranded in the airport overnight for days, actually,’ said Grace.

“She then spent the night in Dallas Airport as she waited to board her flight home to Hollywood Burbank Airport, and was told that her luggage would be delayed. However, she later discovered her luggage at a homeless encampment near the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Western Avenue, she said.”

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