Immigration Surge Hits U.S. Schools, Shelters

Illegal aliens waiting in line to board a bus | Image by Massimo Todaro/Shutterstock

Schools and shelters across the U.S. are feeling the strain of illegal immigration, reports ZeroHedge:

“School systems complain about the rising costs of handling illegal immigrants. Here’s a spotlight on two cities, one in Massachusetts, the other Colorado. In Stoughton, Mass., students arrive with traumatic pasts and little English. The same is happening in Denver. The Wall Street Journal comments on The Massive Immigration Wave Hitting America’s Classrooms:

“Millions of migrants, most seeking asylum, have crossed the border in recent years and have been allowed to settle in the U.S. until a federal immigration judge decides their fate, a process that can take years. Among the record numbers, federal data suggest, are as many as one million children who have arrived with their families or on their own since 2021.

“They are settling in cities and entering public schools around the U.S., adding financial and logistical strains in communities where they have arrived in large numbers. Districts are faced with the need for additional teachers and staff who can teach English and space for new students, often while waiting for promised supplemental federal or state funding.

“Denver schools, for example, earlier this year announced a $17.5 million budget shortfall because of new migrant students.

“There were recently more than 500 English learners in Stoughton schools, double the number from three years ago. The increase was fueled partly by 90 students, ranging from kindergarten to high school, placed by the state in two nearby hotels serving as homeless shelters. Many are from recently arrived Haitian migrant families. Haitians have flocked to Massachusetts, which has an established population from the long-troubled Caribbean country.”

To read the entire article on ZeroHedge, please click HERE.

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