Homeless Shelter Working with FBI on Colleyville Hostage-Taker

The Colleyville synagogue. | Image from The Boston Globe

The man accused of holding four people hostage inside a synagogue in Colleyville had previously been dropped off at a homeless shelter by someone he seemed to know, according to The Dallas Morning News. The staff at the shelter is now working to assist federal officers who are investigating the incident.

Wayne Walker, the CEO and pastor of OurCalling, told The Dallas Morning News that the shelter handed over photos and videos to the FBI after learning that Malik Faisal Akram, 44, of Blackburn, England, stayed at their facility for one night on January 2.

According to Walker, Akram was dropped off at the shelter by another individual. Walker revealed that the unidentified individual and Akram appeared to be in a relationship and hugged each other as they departed.

Walker added that it raises concerns for authorities knowing that Akram had a relationship with someone in the area.

However, the FBI has maintained that Akram is the only suspect in the attack on the Congregation Beth Israel.

Akran is suspected of storming the synagogue with a gun and taking four people hostage, including Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker.

According to The DMN, the synagogue was holding its sabbath day service on Saturday, January 15, when Akram stormed the house of worship.

The service was being live-streamed on Facebook, and a man could be heard speaking angrily and saying he was going to die, according to The DMN.

The hostages escaped afterward, before the FBI hostage rescue team fatally shot Akram, according to NBC 5 News.

Walker added that none of the staff at the shelter saw anything out of the ordinary about Akram.

“It’s sad to us that sometimes predators will hide within the homeless community, but it’s just a reality that causes a danger and makes us always have to make sure our homeless friends are well protected,” Walker said.

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