Hamas Wanted to Get Israeli Soldiers Pregnant

Hamas video of Israeli soldier being taken hostage | Image by Hostages and Missing Families Forum

A new video released this week shows the terrifying moment that Hamas terrorists threatened female Israeli soldiers with rape, reports the New York Post:

“Harrowing video released Wednesday shows the moment five female Israeli soldiers — covered in blood and surrounded by the bodies of their massacred comrades — were threatened with rape then taken away to Gaza by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7.

“Bodycam footage from the Hamas gunmen shows the moment the young women, operating at the Nahal Oz base outside the Gaza Strip, were handcuffed and pressed against a wall while still in pajamas. In the sickening video, the terrorists could be heard gloating and announcing their apparent plans to sexually assault the soldiers.

“’Here are the girls who can get pregnant,’ one of the gunmen said. ‘You’re so beautiful.’

“The Hostages and Missing Families Forum, which released the video, said the harrowing tape shows the horrifying reality of the five hostages still in the clutches of the terror group in Gaza. They were identified as Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniella Gilboa and Naama Levy.

“Berger’s father, Shlomi, told The Post that he couldn’t imagine what it felt like for his 19-year-old daughter to face those threats while surrounded by dozens of armed men.

“’This is a wakeup call to the world: look what we’re dealing with,’ Shlomi said. ‘You saw how many terrorists were in that video.’

“‘You only see three minutes but we know that they sat in the same place for two or three hours, and in front of their eyes they saw their friends that were murdered on the floor,’ he added. ‘Maybe they told themselves, “I’m lucky, I’m just wounded.” But I don’t know how someone can be in this situation and be okay in their mind.’”

To read the entire article in the New York Post, please click HERE.

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