FBI Severs Ties With Pro-Trump Members

FBI Headquarters | Image by Olivia Lunar/Shutterstock

A recent Tucker Carlson interview revealed that the FBI interviewed and dismissed individuals who supported Trump from their organization, according to a report by Gateway Pundit.

“The FBI is now a secret police organization that targets, humiliates, and severs ties with pro-Trump members in its ranks.

“Tucker Carlson interviewed Tristan Leavitt who is the president of the group Empower Oversight in his latest interview.

“Tristan Leavitt is representing an anonymous FBI whistleblower who was suspended indefinitely without pay after the Agency discovered he attended the protests on January 6, 2021 at the Ellipse and US Capitol.

“Mr. Leavitt describes how Trump supporters were targeted and interrogated by the FBI for holding conservative beliefs.”

To read the full article on Gateway Pundit, click HERE.

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