The ongoing unlawful migration crisis at the southern border could be opening the door to a “soft invasion” of thousands of young men from hostile countries and terror-linked regions.

That is the warning being sent by a group of former senior executives from the FBI, who, in a letter to congressional leaders, called this wave of “military-aged men from across the globe” a “multi-division army” and a “current, specific threat that may be one of the most pernicious ever to menace the United States.”

These men are coming from terror-linked regions and rival nations, like China and Russia, that likely intend to do the United States harm, according to the letter. The agents’ letter specifically warned that the large number of young men who have taken advantage of the porous border could organize to attack “gatherings of unarmed civilians in imitation of 10/7 and at the behest of a foreign terror group,” referring to the October 7 terrorist attack carried out by Hamas in Israel.

The danger purportedly exists as a result of the record-high levels of “individuals encountered by border officials and then possibly released into the country, along with the shockingly high estimate of ‘got-aways,’ meaning those who have entered and evaded apprehension,” according to the retired FBI officials.

The Washington Examiner reported that over 1.7 million “got-aways” have entered the country during President Joe Biden’s tenure. The majority of them were men.

Currently, the State of Texas and the federal government are in a standoff over measures state officials have taken to secure the border. Texas claims that federal authorities have been derelict in their duties, leading it to declare that it is treating the border crisis as an invasion.

Gov. Greg Abbott responded to a Supreme Court decision allowing the federal government to cut razor wire installed at the border by state law enforcement to deter unlawful migrants by citing the U.S. Constitution’s Article I, § 10, Clause 3, known as the “Invasion Clause” which acknowledges “the States’ sovereign interest in protecting their borders.”

The letter from retired FBI officials was addressed to Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA), Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and the House and Senate Intelligence and Homeland Security Committee chairs.