Elections in Europe Deal Big Blow to Establishment

General Election 2024 in front of Westminster | Image by WD Stock Photos/Shutterstock
General Election 2024 in front of Westminster | Image by WD Stock Photos/Shutterstock

Observers are wondering if this past weekend’s European elections are an omen of a Trump victory in November, according to a report by Breitbart.

“The French people sent President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party packing, delivering more than double Macron’s party’s vote to far-right Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party in this weekend’s vote. Macron immediately moved to dissolve parliament and hold snap national elections later in June with runoffs in July, to attempt to test if the rout was unique to European Parliament elections or if it represents an actual swing in the electorate in France with the president there clearly hoping for a new mandate for his party to govern after the sweeping defeat at the polls this weekend.

“Elsewhere in Europe, particularly in Germany and Italy and other nations, right wingers were ascendant as views critical of mass migrations and other globalist tendencies appear to be on the rise as a global movement against globalist takes hold.

“Trump has celebrated international conservative and populist victories throughout the past several years, telling Breitbart News back in late December 2023 for an exclusive published in January of this year particularly about Argentinian president Javier Milei’s and Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni’s victories in recent years that a worldwide movement with him at the center of things is rising.”

To read the full article by Breitbart, click HERE.

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