DOJ Polls Poorly on Hunter Biden Probe

Hunter Biden
Sign at the United States Department of Justice in Washington, DC. | Image by Heidi Besen/Shutterstock

A new poll suggests that half of Americans do not think the Department of Justice is handling the Hunter Biden case in a fair and nonpartisan manner.

The survey, conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found that 28% of respondents were “not very confident” and 22% were “not at all confident” in how the Justice Department was dealing with the matter. Some 30% of respondents expressed some skepticism, saying they were “somewhat confident,” while only 19% said they were “extremely/very confident.”

Most respondents (59%) registered at least some level of concern that President Joe Biden committed some wrongdoing related to his son’s business dealings.

Such indications of public distrust of federal law enforcement agencies follow the heightened level of partisanship that has surrounded the Hunter Biden saga ever since his laptop surfaced.

The integrity of the investigation into the Biden family has itself been questioned. As previously reported by The Dallas Express, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley came forward in May with allegations that the FBI relayed information about the probe’s status to both Hunter and his father through intermediaries and that the DOJ shielded the Bidens by improperly restricting the scope of the investigation.

Joseph Ziegler, another IRS whistleblower, corroborated Shapley’s claims, accusing the DOJ of slow-walking the Hunter Biden case, as reported by The Dallas Express.

The poll was conducted September 7-11, ending one day before a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden was announced and three days before Hunter Biden was indicted on a gun charge by Special Counsel David Weiss.

Still, even Weiss’ indictment was met with suspicion by some.

Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, posted on X — the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — to explain his viewpoint that the Hunter Biden indictment was part of a “coverup” being carried out by Weiss.

“Weiss, handpicked by both Democrat home-state senators in Delaware, let the statute of limitations expire on serious tax charges, buried evidence deemed credible by the Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney of the Bidens’ alleged foreign bribery schemes, and attempted to give Hunter a sweetheart deal with secret, broad immunity that protected President Biden,” Davis claimed.

“… More troubling, Weiss is protecting President Biden. Indeed, where are Hunter’s charges related to foreign corruption, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, tax evasion, wire fraud, and other criminal charges that could implicate President Biden?” Davis added.

Commentators on the other side of the issue have held fast to the notion that whatever the outcome of the charges against Hunter, his father has not been implicated in unlawful activity.

“The evidence suggests Hunter Biden is guilty of unethical and/or illegal behavior,” posted Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). “The evidence suggests Joe Biden is guilty of absolutely nothing more than being a father.”

According to the study, Democrats were more likely than Republicans to say that the DOJ has been proceeding fairly. The Associated Press quoted an Illinois Democrat named Ryan Laiche, who said that from his perspective, Attorney General Merrick Garland has conducted the case independently and fairly while Republicans are trying everything to baselessly damage the president.

“It’s an investigation looking for a crime,” he said. “We knew this was going to happen when Republicans took over the House. They’re so predictable. But they can’t answer any of the questions … was Biden involved? If he was, prosecute him, impeach him.”

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