Cruz Claims China, Cuba Funding Anti-Israel Protests

Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz | Image by lev radin/Shutterstock

Breitbart is reporting that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is calling on President Joe Biden’s administration to investigate whether hostile foreign powers are funding the anti-Israel college protests that recently swept the nation:

“On Wednesday’s episode of his podcast The Verdict, the Texas senator highlighted reports of the ‘direct involvement of communist China and communist Cuba in the anti-Israel, antisemitic, anti-American protests that are happening across this country.’

“One he cited revealed that key radical left-wing organizations central in the current anti-Israel and anti-America protest movement are significantly funded and influenced by a network tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which seeks to advance a ‘revolutionary, anti-government, anti-capitalist agenda,’ threatening U.S. internal stability.

“’America’s enemies want this country ripped apart, and they are funding the mayhem we are seeing on our college campuses,’ he said. ‘They are trying to destroy this country, and sadly, there are a whole lot of elected Democrats in Washington who are on board with that.’

“According to Cruz, China is spending potentially $100 million to fund protests on U.S. campuses to create chaos and paralyze the country, not out of interest in Hamas or Israel, but to weaken America.”

To read the entire Breitbart article, please click HERE.

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