Congresswoman Sought Epstein’s Support

U.S. House Representative Stacey Plaskett Virgin Islands - office entrance sign and flag. | Image by DCStockPhotography/Shutterstock

Recently released emails reveal that the non-voting delegate for the Virgin Islands in the U.S. House of Representatives, Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), actively sought out Jeffrey Epstein’s support during her election campaign.

The congresswoman had previously claimed she knew nothing about Epstein’s contributions to her underdog campaign, which was ultimately a success that nabbed her the delegate seat she currently occupies, according to The Virgin Islands Consortium (VIC).

However, in one recently released email dated July 12, 2018, Plaskett asked a third party to share an invitation to her fundraiser with “Jeffrey,” adding, “I would be grateful for his support and the support that he may direct to assist me,” VIC reported.

The email thread appears to show that she solicited donations from Epstein to her campaign.

A reply email from a “jeffrey E.” states simply, “get maximum ampounts [sic] allowed.”

The emails, previously under seal, are part of the evidence filed in a case between JPMorgan Chase Bank and the Department of Justice.

However, Epstein’s involvement in Plaskett’s political rise to power did not begin in 2018.

In June 2014, Cecile de Jongh, the first lady of the U.S. Virgin Islands and office manager for Epstein’s local companies, reached out to Epstein on behalf of Plaskett’s campaign.

Plaskett was the long-shot pick to win the delegate seat against favorite Shawn-Michael Malone, then-Senate president in the Virgin Islands legislature.

Malone had reportedly made critical comments about Epstein’s sex scandals a week prior.

In an email to her boss, according to The Washington Free Beacon, de Jongh wrote, “Your help is needed. We are trying to get Stacey Plaskett elected to Congress. Shawn Malone (current senate president) is running against her in the Democratic primary in August. Shawn is the one who came after you in the senate hearing last week. He is nasty and needs to be defeated and we would have a friend in Stacey.”

De Jongh concluded by asking for financial donations from Epstein’s friends.

Epstein responded, “im sure darren rich bella ana wiould [sic],” per images of the emails in the VIC report.

Plaskett defeated Malone in a historic upset and has since tried to distance herself from Epstein.

“Epstein was a reprehensible person and I’m truly disgusted by his actions,” she said earlier in June, according to VIC.

In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from someone under 18. As The Dallas Express reported, Epstein was found dead, allegedly by suicide, in a Manhattan jail cell in August 2019 after he was arraigned on new sex trafficking charges.

The Dallas Express reached out to Congresswoman Plaskett’s office for comment on these recent revelations but did not receive an immediate response.

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