FBI Agrees To Show Biden Memo

Biden Memo
President Joe Biden | Image by Ron Adar/Shutterstock

The House Oversight Committee chairman was threatening to subpoena FBI Director Christopher Wray over a document related to an investigation of President Joe Biden and his family’s business dealings.

U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said Friday that Wray has agreed to show the document, an FD-1023 form, to him and Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on Capitol Hill on Monday, The Washington Examiner reported. They will view the memo in a secret location usually reserved for classified documents, the newspaper reported.

Comer said he has not taken the possibility of a subpoena off the table since Wray has not released the document fully.

“Chairman Comer has been clear that anything short of producing the FD-1023 form to the House Oversight Committee is not compliance with his subpoena. This unclassified record contains pages of details that need to be investigated further by the House Oversight Committee,” a Comey spokesperson said told the newspaper.

Comer said he believes the documents will show the Biden family tried to conceal money from foreign nationals.

Wray confirmed to Comer on Wednesday that the documents exist. He cited the sensitivity of the matter in declining to turn it over to the full committee.

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