Biden Visits Puerto Rico and Florida

President Biden visits Puerto Rico with First Lady Jill Biden | Image by NBC

President Joe Biden is set to visit Puerto Rico and Florida in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes which affected the regions.

“I’m heading to Puerto Rico because they haven’t been taken very good care of,” Biden suggested. “They’ve been trying like hell to catch up from the last hurricane. I want to see the state of affairs today and make sure we push everything we can.”

The territory was rocked by Hurricane Fiona on September 18, leaving a path of devastation, as reported by The Dallas Express. Two weeks afterward, the island reportedly still has around 120,000 homes and businesses without power.

The private company now operating the island’s grid, LUMA Energy, took over from the government-run Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority after nearly the entire island went without power for several weeks following Hurricane Maria in 2017.

In response to Maria, President Donald Trump authorized nearly $13 billion in federal taxpayer dollars to be allocated to rebuilding infrastructure in Puerto Rico, with $9.6 billion designated for constructing a new power grid.

During Biden’s visit, he is expected to announce an allocation of $60 million of taxpayer money to “shore up levees, strengthen flood walls, and create a new flood warning system to help Puerto Rico become better prepared for future storms.”

“Jill and I are headed to Ponce, Puerto Rico,” Biden tweeted. “I remain committed to the people of Puerto Rico and to helping rebuild their communities stronger and more resilient after Hurricane Fiona.”

After visiting the island territory, Biden will travel to Florida to survey the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Planning to “meet with families and local officials who have been affected,” Biden tweeted, “We see what you’re going through, and we’re with you.”

Hurricane Ian slammed into the Florida peninsula, causing extensive damage along the southwestern coast, as reported by The Dallas Express. Federal assistance has been authorized through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis recently announced that over $20 million had been raised for the relief effort in 48 hours.

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