AUDIO: Musk Claims People Tried To Assassinate Him

Elon Musk | Photo by Omar Marques/Getty Images

Elon Musk claimed in an interview Sunday night that two “very mentally ill” people tried to kill him in Austin.

The claim comes just days after the publication of a study showing that “woke” people are more likely to suffer from “anxiety and depression.”

Musk’s revelation came during an interview with Gad Saad, a marketing professor at the John Molson School of Business at Montreal’s Concordia University, while he was discussing the pitfalls of being a famous person.

“I can’t easily go to the mall or a movie theater or walk around without creating a ruckus,” Musk said.

Though he prefaced his comments by saying it was “very rare” for him to be the subject of death threats, Musk revealed, “I have had two cases in the last six months of two people who are just, unfortunately, very mentally ill — not subtle. It’s not subtle. And they have come to Austin to try to kill me — with guns.”

Musk explained, “One guy thought I’d put a chip in his head, like a Neuralink chip or something. … They’re basically just extreme schizophrenic.”

On Thursday, the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology published a Finnish study that claimed a correlation between being social justice-oriented and “depression, anxiety, and (lack of) happiness.” The study’s author, Oskari Lahtinen, noted that social justice goes by other names in the media such as “intersectionality,” “antiracism,” and “wokeness.”

The study found a high prevalence rate for anxiety and depression in those who agreed with left-wing talking points, such as, “If white people have on average a higher income than black people, it is because of racism.”

In February, Elon Musk created a firestorm when he responded to news of Google’s AI program generating an image of a black George Washington, posting on X, “The woke mind virus is killing Western Civilization.”

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