Anti-Israel Agitators Call For ‘Day Of Rage’ In NYC

Anti-Israel protesters in New York City
Anti-Israel protesters in New York City | Image by SpencerPlatt/GettyImages

Widespread turmoil erupts throughout New York City as anti-Israel protesters retaliate following hostage rescues, according to a report by RedState:

“On Saturday, a pro-Hamas group called for a “Day of Rage For Gaza” on Monday, June 10th. The group Within Our Lifetime, whose rhetoric makes them sound like a crazed terrorist organization, called for action against museums and cultural institutions around the city. It even produced a map with five locations pinned for protestors to start with.

“They wrote on their X account, according to Fox 5 New York:

“Across the city the Brooklyn Museum and cultural institutions like it are drenched in the blood of Palestine’s martyrs. In their name and in their memory we call for autonomous action against these institutions all day.

“The group’s account also urged followers:

“Think creatively. Move autonomously. Then converge with WOL in Union Square at 5 pm as we take to the streets in rage and mourning.

“In a video posted on X Monday evening, a large crowd surrounds the entrance to a memorial exhibit for the Nova Festival victims. They can be heard chanting and waving flags.”

To read the entire RedState article, click HERE.

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