Protesters caused significant disruption to traffic patterns at the Reagan National Airport on Saturday, using a caravan of six cars to intentionally slow traffic.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which manages both the Reagan National Airport and the Dulles International Airport, was criticized for failing to quickly address the protest.

Reagan National Airport drew ire from the public after officials posted on social media that the traffic jam was caused by people “exercising their First Amendment rights.”

“TRAFFIC ALERT: Expect delays around the airport due to a group in vehicles exercising first amendment rights in roadway. Use caution and expect slow moving vehicles. Recommend @Wmata to access airport,” the post read.

Protesters were out in support of Palestine and calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Israel launched strikes against the terrorist organization Hamas following an October 7 terrorist attack that killed 1,100 Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Many people were quick to point out on X that citizens do not have a constitutional right to block traffic, citing guidance from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Dozens of people took to social media to call out the airport employee who created the original post. Some members of the public even said the employee should be fired for creating a post that suggests individuals have a right to block traffic.

“Unbelievable. Pro-Hamas punks stopping taxpayers from getting to the airport are just … exercising their First Amendment rights. The person who wrote this tweet should fired today,” wrote poster Gerry Callahan.

Even though laws in Virginia, where the airport is located, clearly state that blocking a roadway is a misdemeanor, there was no indication of any interference by law enforcement to force the protesters to stop blocking traffic.