Canadian anti-Israel activists appear to be paid by a left-wing group to participate in protests, according to a report.

Plenty Collective, a self-described “mutual aid group,” has an application form for protester funds, the National Post reported. Applicants can ask for $25, $50, $100, or “other.” Further, the collective, which states on its website that it’s made up of “a small group of white, queer settlers,” asks form applicants to provide their race, as the funds “prioritize Palestinian and BIPOC applicants.”

“This fund is available to folks or groups based in Lekwungen Territory (aka ‘Victoria, BC’) who are incurring costs related to supporting or organizing actions in solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian people,” the form states. “This fund is to help cover costs incurred when organizing or participating in local actions. This can include, but is not limited to, the costs of lost wages, supplies, items for fundraising, paying speakers, etc.”

“Funds will be sent via e-transfer to the email address provided,” it continues. “If you would like to remain anonymous in receiving these funds, please create a new email address for this purpose. Funds not deposited within 30 days will be added back to the Solidarity Fund.”

Applicants must provide their postal code and contact information, describe what the funds are for, and promise, “These funds will be used to support actions in solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian people.”

Plenty Collective’s stated mission is “creating moments of abundance by nourishing our community and creating space for collective dreaming <3,” according to its webpage. Elsewhere on the site, it’s specified that the collective comprises just “two white, queer settlers,” who note, “Each of us relates to and embodies queerness in a unique way, but all of us believe in the centrality of queerness in community building and future visioning.”

The group received a $28,000 grant for operations in 2023 and 2024, later revealed to be from the Victoria Foundation. However, it appears that paying people to protest falls outside the stated purpose of the funding.

After reports surfaced that the Plenty Collective was paying protesters, the Victoria Foundation put out a statement announcing it would review the grant it awarded to the group.

“As part of our 2023 Community Grants Program, where over $4.899 million was distributed, the Foundation granted $28,000 to an intermediary partnership between the Belfry Theatre and Plenty Collective in July 2023,” the statement read. “The funding was given to the Belfry Theatre as the registered charity from the Victoria Foundation.”

“The Belfry Theatre and Plenty Collective requested the funding for events that foster arts-based community connection and wellness. The purpose of the grant focused on queer community building, with an intersectional lens, through nourishment, art and connection,” it continued.

“As a funder, it is our expectation that grants are used for the purposes outlined in the application, and any changes to that need to be raised with the Foundation. As part of our regular procedures, the Foundation does have a review process with a registered charity if we receive a concern about the use of funding. The review process has been initiated in this circumstance,” the statement concluded.