Alex Stein Defends Viral Comedy Skit

Alex Stein
Alex Stein | Image by IMDb

A comedic skit featuring Lara Trump and comedian and provocateur Alex Stein has set social media ablaze, stirring both amusement and outrage among observers.

The clip, which has reached viral status, shows Stein theatrically abusing a plastic baby doll. Stein punted the doll off-screen and then subjected it to further mistreatment, which included striking it on the head with a shoe.

Stein defended his actions in an interview with The Dallas Express, asserting his anti-abortion stance.

“I’m trying to lampoon them because I am very anti-abortion. I think we should protect babies,” Stein said, stressing that his intent was to provoke thought on the issue.

Newsweek published two scathing articles admonishing both Trump and Stein for their involvement in the skit, which aired on the latter’s show, Prime Time with Alex Stein. The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin also lambasted Trump for engaging in what she described as “fringe comedic skits.”

Lara Trump, who is now co-chair of the Republican National Committee, drew criticism from various outlets for participating in the sketch. In response to the backlash, Stein took to social media to defend his actions, sharing a screenshot of the dictionary definition of satire.

The footage has amassed more than a million views online. Stein expressed both satisfaction and retrospective awareness regarding the demonization of Trump as a result of the skit’s virality.

“It’s pretty obvious they did exactly what I wanted. I knew it would go viral,” said Stein. “I do kind of feel bad because Lara Trump has been getting a lot of heat, and the Trumps have been very nice to me. Yet, I am happy that it went viral and I am happy that it ruffled some feathers. That’s kinda what I try to do with my content.”

Despite the mixed reception, Stein said he remains resolute in his mission to provoke reactions and highlight societal hypocrisies.

“I’m just trying to show hypocrisy and call out hypocrisy when I do these weird things,” said Stein.

Undeterred by the controversy, Stein is set to bring his brand of satire to the stage with a live show at the Hyena Comedy Club in Dallas on March 24.

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