VIDEO: Bobcat, Coyote Sightings Spike in Local City

Coyote | Image by Veronika Andrews/Pixabay

After noticing an increase in bobcat and coyote sightings, residents in a North Texas city are concerned.

Frisco has become a hot spot for these wild animals, and an animal sighting viewer map created by the City of Frisco shows several spottings across the city. The map allows residents to record sightings of animals, indicating the location and behavior of the animal and noting whether or not the animal was aggressive.

While there have been many sightings of coyotes and bobcats, only 10 of the reports said the animals were aggressive.

NBC 5 DFW received an image of a bobcat and a video of a coyote in a Frisco neighborhood showing the animals out during the daytime.

This problem is not new to the Frisco area. The city has dealt with it for many years, even holding a seminar in 2015.

Frisco Animal Services has a list of tips to keep pets and people safe. Some of these tips include keeping your pet on a leash, keeping pets updated on their vaccines, trimming back vegetation and bushy areas in your yard, removing food sources like bird seed and pet food from outside, and keeping trash in secure containers.

If you spot a bobcat or coyote, it is best to make a loud noise, such as clapping or yelling. It is also a good practice to carry something that will make noise.

Frisco Animal Services also recommends immediately reporting sightings of injured wildlife or approaching humans at 972-292-5303. Aggressive animal sightings can be reported to 972-292-6010.

Frisco is not the only North Texas city dealing with coyote problems.

In February, Arlington officials captured a coyote allegedly responsible for biting three local children, as reported by The Dallas Express. The animal tested negative for rabies, and officials said that it would be humanely euthanized.

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