VIDEO: All-Electric Trash Truck Comes to North Texas

Plano’s all-electric trash truck | Image by City of Plano, Texas/YouTube

Plano is officially the first city in North Texas to use a trash and recycling truck powered exclusively by electricity.

The new all-electric truck can service upwards of 1,100 homes before recharging — the same number of homes as a traditional combustion engine collection truck. The change is expected to lower city costs while helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

On April 25, Plano unveiled the vibrant green truck as part of its “Clean Fleet” initiative. The first of its kind, the two-axel Low Entry Tilt II truck from Battle Motors, is now in service for garbage pickup.

“All-electric trucks do not produce carbon emissions. That will contribute to cleaner air. It will also reduce operational costs traditionally spent on fuel and maintenance,” said Plano Mayor John B. Muns in a video press release.

Altogether, the city currently boasts 22 eco-friendly vehicles for various purposes.

“Not only are we making a positive impact on our carbon footprint, we are also lowering emissions while saving dollars on fuel and maintenance costs,” said Andrea Park, assistant director of Public Works.

The cost of each electric garbage truck is not cheap, ranging from $500,000 to $600,000 — nearly double that of a traditional garbage truck powered by an internal combustion engine, per Local Profile.

While the upfront cost is steep, the city hopes to recoup savings through lower maintenance expenses. Moreover, the purchase was subsidized via a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments, reported Fox 4 KDFW.

The new truck will help limit emissions spreading throughout the city and reduce noise. All-electric garbage trucks are reportedly 50% quieter than their combustion engine counterparts, per Plano Magazine.

The all-electric truck is just the beginning, as the city is working on securing a second such truck to pick up trash and recyclables.

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