Texas House Candidate Makes Pitch to Voters

Vote sign | Image by Janece Flippo

Here’s your opportunity to learn more about Doug Roszhart, who is running to become representative for Texas House District 2, which comprises Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt Counties. He is a resident of Greenville and a former city council member.

For more information about Roszhart and other candidates on the ballot this election cycle, visit The Dallas Express Election Module.

DX: What should voters know about you and your platform that would convince them to vote for you?

My platform is summarized by two words: integrity and experience. As an engineer, I am known for my problem-solving skills and for achieving common-sense solutions. From my career in the defense industry, I have extensive experience with security issues. Being recently retired, I can be singularly focused on serving the people and businesses of this district.

As a Christian conservative, I won’t compromise on Biblical principles or the Constitution. There is a great need for 1) someone who will listen to and represent the people and businesses of this district, 2) someone who has the right experience, personality, and integrity, and 3) someone who believes in free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty, traditional American values, and strong national defense. I will fight for these principles.

DX: If elected, what are your top three priorities?

1. Border security 2. Election integrity 3. Maintaining individual liberties.

DX: What is the most critical issue facing the elected office you are seeking that you will fix?

Border security is the most critical issue facing our state right now. Obviously, this is a complicated issue and has been ongoing for quite some time. In addition to the defense measures currently being done (such as border wall, buoys in the river, concertina wire fencing, etc.), it’s time we go on the offense. We need to fight the cartel like they are our enemy. From my 37 years of experience in the defense industry, I know we have the technology available that can do this.

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