The Global Ventures Summit (GVS) is all about connecting influencers in the fastest-growing startup ecosystems around the world. They provide innovative startups with access to venture capital professionals, funded tech startup founders, and policymakers in the world’s newest tech scenes.

Born out of the belief that good ideas do not just come from Silicon Valley, the Global Ventures Summit seeks to level the playing field and support the best business ideas. They enable startups and entrepreneurs from the world’s innovative emerging markets to create a powerful network.

Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), founded in 2017, and based in Michigan, is a very unique global investment firm teaming up with driven entrepreneurs who are creating transformative businesses that are shifting the game.

As a company, KDT is embracing disruption by promoting the creative destruction contained in the ongoing process of iterating, improving, and destroying current business models or platforms. They only partner with emerging high-growth companies that are committed to doing the same.

GVS has added a new partner, Koch Disruptive Technologies, to their annual November Startup Event, and the two organizations are bringing “Silicon Valley to the world,” hosting the world’s biggest powers in the private equity space on November 17. They will give global entrepreneurs an audience to spark new investments and conversations as part of globalization efforts.

The event, put on by Parkpine Capital, is taking place at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas. There will be startups, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and policymakers in attendance; all are encouraged to attend. There will be a special musical guest (yet to be revealed) that will close the event.

Managing Director at KDT, Jason Illian, stated, “Global Ventures Summit is impressive and is extending its reach, and looking at a global perspective. There are great entrepreneurs and companies all over the world and they need the opportunity to change all of society. We are impressed with what GVS has done in the past with conversations, deals, and opportunities. These align with the vision and values that we have at KDT as an investment subsidiary of Koch Industries, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the U.S.”

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