Princeton City Council Candidate’s Pitch to Voters

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Here’s your opportunity to learn more about Ben Long, who is running for Princeton City Council Place 6. Long is an active adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America and a board member of his neighborhood’s homeowners association in Princeton.

For more information about Long and other candidates, visit The Dallas Express Election Module.

DX: What should voters know about you and your platform that would convince them to vote for you?

During my campaign, I have actively block-walked throughout the city and knocked on many doors to gain a better understanding of the important issues the citizens care about. I have been able to speak one-on-one with so many wonderful people in our city. I have found that I share so many values and concerns with the people of Princeton.

We all have a desire to see the city grow into a beautiful place to live. As the first city council member of Place 6, I intend to ensure transparency and fiscal responsibility and encourage community engagement moving into the future. Let’s bring back town hall meetings for the community to attend.

DX: If elected, what are your top three priorities?

First, hiring a new city manager. This will be one of the biggest decisions that the city council will make and will have long-lasting impacts. We must look as far and wide as necessary to find the most capable and competent candidate we can.

Second, encourage economic and community development. Over and over, the people of Princeton spoke about the lack of retail, restaurants, grocery stores, and general places to conduct day-to-day transactions. City Hall needs to provide the resources for the Economic and Community Development Corporations (EDC & CDC) to engage developers and businesses. We need to encourage the development of our city with the most basic resources the citizens need.

Third, infrastructure. So many people held the roads and infrastructure as their #1 concern. City Hall needs to focus as much effort as possible on repairing and rebuilding the old roadways of the city, as well as the creation of additional roads to help with the volume of traffic growth. Highway 380 is a real concern for the city; it is becoming more and more dangerous to drive on, [and] it is getting more and more congested with traffic. With most of the control coming through TxDOT, the city needs to work on the surrounding areas to help alleviate local traffic burdens.

DX: What is the most critical issue facing the elected office you are seeking that you will fix?

Encourage community engagement, communication, and City Hall transparency. With the rapid growth, it is imperative that City Hall keeps the community informed on the latest developments and activities. The more knowledgeable the citizens are, the better everyone understands the direction and steps being taken. I want a city where the people can trust the elected officials. WE THE PEOPLE deserve to know what the elected representatives are doing.

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