A new dog rescue initiative aims to keep dogs off the street and into loving homes.

Lighthouse Dog Rescue is a nonprofit rescue located at Pixees Paws Pet Palace in Arlington.

PIxees is a dog daycare and boarding center that has been in operation for five years. The center has a cage-free environment, a track for the dogs, and several indoor and outdoor spaces.

Gayla Turley and Cecilia Gonzales, who work at Pixees, came up with the idea of saving and serving more dogs. The two have been rescuing dogs for 13 years and have multiple rescues at home.

“We have a heart for dogs that need homes, and we focus on rehab, rescue, and rehabilitating these dogs,” Turley told The Dallas Express.

“Just thinking about where we started and how far we have come brings tears to my eyes,” added Turley.

Lighthouse Dog Rescue was chosen for the nonprofit name as a reminder of its mission.

Gonzales shared, “We want to be a beacon for abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs.”

The nonprofit incorporates Turley’s and Gonzales’ large client base from Pixees and several connections with veterinarians from across the metroplex.

Lighthouse Dog Rescue takes in dogs of any size, breed, or age, regardless of health. Currently, the nonprofit works with three dogs at a time, and it plans to host more in the near future.

Upon intake, dogs are quarantined and checked for microchips to ensure they don’t belong to someone. If an owner isn’t found, the dog is given all of its shots. If any medical problems are apparent, the animal will be taken to a veterinarian.

The dogs are then given basic training, including commands, walking on a leash, potty training, and checking for signs of aggression and reactivity.

Depending on if the dog is fixed will determine when they will be ready for adoption.

Adopting a dog costs $300 and includes an application, a home visit, and ensuring a good fit between the dog and the adoptee.

Three dogs — Gabbar, Scooter, and Shiloh — are available for adoption. Pictures and additional information on each dog are available online.

Foster options are also available for those who aren’t quite ready to adopt.

Due to the growing number of intakes around DFW shelters, Lighthouse Dog Rescue is happy to relieve some pressure on local shelters.

“We empathize totally with that situation [with the shelters]. …We can’t fix the situation for every dog, but for every dog that we can fix it for, it is just a win,” Turley noted.

The nonprofit hopes to gain additional funding through grants, donations, raffles, and events to continue growing its services. Gonzales shared that one of her goals is to eventually build another space solely for rescues.

To learn more about Lighthouse Dog Rescue and the adoptable dogs, please visit their website or visit Pixees, located at 112 W. Randol Mill Road, Ste 100, Arlington.