Officials Commend Selfless Acts at Allen Mall

Screengrab of Allen Chief of Police Brian Harvey speaking in a joint news conference | Image by City of Allen, YouTube

Kudos are in order for those who swiftly responded to the Allen shooter.

The Allen Chief of Police commended the officer who brought down a gunman responsible for multiple deaths.

The heavily armed assailant in tactical gear entered Allen Premium Outlets and opened fire on shopping civilians on May 6. The gunman shot and killed eight people, including multiple children, while injuring seven others, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Law enforcement on the scene was able to neutralize the shooter about two minutes after he began his assault.

Allen Chief of Police Brian Harvey, FBI Dallas Special Agent in Charge Chad Yarbrough, and Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Hank Sibley appeared in a news conference on Tuesday to discuss the events of the shooting and the ongoing investigation.

Sibley said the shooter appeared to pick his targets randomly.

“To me, it looks like he targeted the location rather than a specific group of people,” said Sibley in the press conference. “He was very random in the people he killed. It didn’t matter the age, race, or sex, he just shot people. Which is horrific in itself.”

Harvey commended the officer responsible for bringing down the shooter, saying that he had “distinguished himself in an exemplary manner, demonstrating tremendous bravery when he immediately addressed an attacker that was injuring and murdering innocent victims.”

The officer, however, has chosen to remain anonymous for now. Harvey said that his selfless actions would be recognized at a later date and that he had already expressed appreciation for respecting his privacy.

Harvey also commended the security guard, Christian LaCour, one of the eight victims who died in the shooting. LaCour died from a gunshot wound while attempting to escort civilians to safety.

LaCour’s name is on one of the eight crosses set up to memorialize the victims outside the mall.

Law enforcement has already concluded its investigation of the area and the mall. But owners of the mall still opted to have the mall closed indefinitely for now.

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