A 13-year-old is paralyzed after a freak accident at a community pool in Frisco. The teen was trying to evade a wasp and dove into a swimming pool and shattered his spine and neck.

Here is what Sophia Beausoleil reported on the incident for NBC 5 DFW:

According to his family, Semyon Williams Jr., also known as SJ, was at the neighborhood pool in Old Orchard Park in Frisco last Thursday when he dove into the shallow end while trying to run from a wasp.


“I suppose there was a panic, you know, a frantic measure to get out of harm’s way. SJ just jumped into the pool, but apparently, he dove in unbeknownst to perhaps the depth of the pool,” said Louis Camper, Williams’ grandfather. “He just recalls hitting his head and he even indicated that it felt as if his arms were not part of his body because of the fact that he couldn’t feel.”


His family said Williams’ friend, who also jumped in the water, initially thought the 13-year-old was floating face down for fun and joking until he realized the teen wasn’t moving.


“He turns him over, and that’s when he’s asking him, ‘Are you playing?’ and SJ’s like, he can speak, but he’s like, ‘I can’t feel anything.’ You know, he’s freaking out. He’s like, ”Help me! I can’t feel — I can’t feel my arms, my legs. Help me, call my mom,” described Anya Camper, Williams’ mother.


Anya said her son’s friend saved his life because Williams couldn’t move and was taking in water.

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