North Texas Daycare Sued Over Injury to 2-Year-Old

Injuries to child that attended LMNOP Children's Academy | Image by Russell Button
Injuries to child that attended LMNOP Children's Academy | Image courtesy of Russell Button

A North Texas mother is suing a daycare facility after her child was injured on the premises in 2023.

The case centers on LMNOP Children’s Academy in Carrollton, where, under its care, a 2-year-old allegedly “suffered serious physical, emotional, and mental injuries” in November, per the lawsuit.

The Dallas Express spoke with attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, who is representing the family in the lawsuit, to learn more.

April Marin went to pick up her son from the academy and noticed he had the beginnings of a black eye along with a swollen bottom lip that had been punctured all the way through.

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When Marin questioned what had happened, the staff of LMNOP originally told her that he was injured while eating a snack, but surveillance footage would later tell a different story.

Marin learned from the video that a visibly frustrated worker dropped her son on a nap cot and yanked the cot beneath him, resulting in the boy falling, hitting his head, and biting through his bottom lip, according to Button.

“As you can imagine, the family was heartbroken, not just because their son was injured but also because they were lying about it,” Button added.

“And to add fuel to the fire, the academy provided incorrect information on the incident report to the state,” Button told The Dallas Express. “And attempting to cover up a child’s head injury puts his health at risk. And then also you have the psychological impact. ”

The family wants the daycare to be held accountable and to comply with safety laws. They also hope to raise awareness of daycare issues such as this one.

“LMNOP Children’s Academy proclaims they provide ‘the highest level of education and care in a safe environment focused on each child’s individual needs.’ LMNOP Children’s Academy publicizes and sells parents on the idea that their daycare is dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe learning environment for the children in their care,” part of the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit claims that LMNOP violated two Texas childcare licensing rules regarding general responsibilities, discipline, and guidance.

“As a direct and proximate result of the actions and omissions of LMNOP Children’s Academy, the plaintiffs sustained injuries and damages,” the lawsuit alleges. The plaintiffs are seeking monetary relief of over $1 million.

This incident is not the first issue reported at the daycare facility. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has cited LMNOP at least 14 times between March 2019 and March 2023 for failure to: demonstrate competency, good judgment, and self-control; notify parents of injury to children; complete first aid training; complete proper background checks; properly supervise children; and other violations.

Button, who handles daycare negligence cases, said many daycares attempt to cover up incidents like this one.

“The kids don’t have a voice and really know what’s going on, and so these daycares feel like they can get away with it. Thankfully, we’re able to uncover a lot of the actual things that happen in our investigations. Our goal is to make daycares a safe place for families,”

DX reached out to LMNOP Children’s Academy, but no response was received by publication date.

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