New Hotel Caters Only to American Airlines

American Airlines airplane | Image by Matheus Obst

Earlier this year, American Airlines unveiled a new 600-room luxury hotel called Skyview 6 that is solely dedicated to serving its employees.

The hotel is situated off Highway 360 near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport within American Airlines’ “hospitality complex,” which includes its massive corporate headquarters, according to Business Insider.

Brian Perry, who works in customer service, posted a short clip of the hospitality complex on his TikTok account.


Reporting live from skyview at American Airlines

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Skyview 6 was constructed with the aim of providing accommodations for numerous flight attendants, pilots, and other workers who fly in for training every year. The hotel has been outfitted with a wide range of amenities that have been tailored to meet the unique needs of airline personnel.

As Dawn Gilbertson recently wrote in a piece for The Wall Street Journal, “It’s the kind of hotel that would make most road warriors jealous.”

Previously, American Airlines employees were split up and lodged in different hotels, making Skyview 6 a significant change.

“It brings energy and just a sense of connection,” Robert Isom, the airline’s CEO, said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Thoughtful touches meant to resonate with those hailing from the aviation industry were added throughout the hotel.

For instance, in the lobby, guests can see a photo of American Airlines’ Stewardess College, which was established in 1957 in Fort Worth and was the very first in the industry. Skyview 6 was constructed on the very site where the college used to stand, according to Business Insider.

There is also a massive art installation on the ceiling of the dining room that looks like a compass.

Outside there is an outdoor lap pool, a sports area with courts for pickleball and tennis, and a courtyard full of trees.

Indoor common areas at Skyview 6 include a tavern with an open patio, a 73,500-foot gym, and sushi to go, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The tavern is the only area where guests have to pay for their meals, whereas the hotel provides a per diem to cover the cost of meals at the cafeteria, market, and coffee bar. Meal plans vary by workgroup, according to Business Insider.

Each floor also has lounges to allow employees to take a quick break and socialize with other guests, according to The Wall Street Journal. There are also laundry rooms.

Bluetooth connectivity functions abound inside the guest rooms, even on the bathroom mirrors.

Catering to these frequent travelers’ needs for rest, rooms are single occupancy and have magnetic blackout curtains. There is a light under the counter that switches on automatically as soon as the employee enters the bathroom, just in case someone wakes up disoriented.

The guest rooms also have a large cork strip above the desk in every room to display training materials.

Dennis Tajer, an American Airlines captain and spokesperson for the Allied Pilots Association, lauded Skyview 6 hotel’s amenities after a five-night stay.

Tajer said that the hotel was a vast improvement from the “dark, dank hotel” he stayed at the year before, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Having a cozy place to stay after a long-haul flight is definitely a perk. As The Dallas Express reported, American Airlines bumped up its daily flights to Rome and Dublin from seasonal to year-round.

Furthermore, when summer starts, the airline will operate a dozen flights daily from DFW to top European destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, and Madrid.

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