The City of Sachse, a northeastern suburb of Dallas, announced Monday that it is developing a walkable downtown in the city’s 5th Street District that will include new restaurants, retail shops, and office spaces.

The city council authorized City Manager Gina Nash to negotiate a master developer agreement with Frisco-based developer Nack Development for the project at the June 3 city council meeting.

“This project represents a significant milestone in Sachse’s ongoing efforts to create a dynamic space for residents and businesses,” reads a press release from the city.

Nack Development is working together to assemble commercial spaces, including “niche restaurants, urban living, and other lifestyle uses,” while maintaining the small-town feel of the Dallas suburb.

Donny Churchman, president of Nack Development, is excited about creating a new space for Sachse residents.

“The opportunity to create a downtown from the very beginning is a thrilling challenge. Our goal is to build a space that connects with the residents in new ways yet with an authenticity that feels like it’s been here for generations. This project is custom-tailored for our expertise, and we are honored to be selected as the City of Sachse’s Downtown Developer,” he said.

The downtown project has been in the works since 2018 when the Sachse Economic Development Corporation purchased the property. Detailed concept plans were developed in 2020. During the last few years, the space has undergone major reconstruction as part of Phase One of the project, including revamping the street and upgrading water and sewer lines.

Mayor Jeff Bickerstaff said, “There is incredible momentum in Sachse right now. We are excited to begin negotiations with Nack Development to accomplish our goal of building a beautiful downtown for our residents. This project will transform our city’s core into a vibrant space that will be integral to everyday life in Sachse.”