Mesquite City Council Candidate’s Pitch to Voters

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Here’s your opportunity to learn more about Brandon Murden, who is running for Mesquite City Council District 6.

Murden is a business owner and has served on the City of Mesquite’s Planning & Zoning Commission and Capital Improvements Advisory Committee.

For more information about Murden and other candidates, visit The Dallas Express Election Module.

DX: What should voters know about you and your platform that would convince them to vote for you?

I believe I bring a sense of balance as a councilperson as a representative of all of the people, not a champion of a special interest group or a narrow perspective. Philosophically, a good candidate is one that brings a balanced view. Being balanced also means being able to work well with professional city staff while not automatically deferring to their judgment.

I chose to run in this election because I believe the time is right to have a council that is as diverse as our city. The time is right for unique perspectives that reflect our growing and diverse community. My professional experience, board governance, and community-based leadership [are] needed so that we have that broad spectrum of understanding to ensure when decisions are made at the council table, they are a reflection of the entire community.

I am also not afraid to speak my mind or ask the tough questions that will be needed at the council table because I want to be the voice of the community and advocate for matters of importance for the city. In the end, I am always thoughtful, transparent, and honest in decision-making processes.

DX:  If elected, what are your top three priorities?

Rebranding of Mesquite 2.0 — I’m proud of our many assets, and I’m working hard to make them better. With a commitment to the vitality of community AND businesses, I will be an example. I’ll continue striving to ensure that City Hall is a place of excellence where citizens are allowed to carry out the job of a great city. I will lead the way toward a better culture in which top performers can thrive and restore public service’s reputation by delivering results.

Crime — Help fill vacancies, is what most residents want. I’m going to try and make that possible by offering a proposal. I will unequivocally support the police as an elected official, with sensible investments to support recruitment.

City Services that Serve Us — Mesquite is responsible for road upkeep, first responders, infrastructure, and amenities. The incumbent doesn’t exercise the oversight needed to make the city accountable. I’ll support adequate resources with expectations of better core service delivery.

DX: What is the most critical issue facing the elected office you are seeking that you will fix?

I would say that there is a three-way tie between infrastructure, public safety & economic growth, and development. However all equally important, I would give precedence to economic growth and development as a concerning matter that will also give leverage in addressing the other two matters when you have a thriving economy.

In answering the questions, how would I address it? In working with city staff and the community, we need to assess the current state of the city and develop a plan for growth that includes doing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) analysis. We need to identify areas with the most growth potential and invest in them in a way that is conducive with what the city wants and also attracts people and businesses. I am a huge proponent of building synergies, and I think including surrounding cities in our plans because proximity to growth will affect our neighbors and other counties. That way, we can establish joint initiatives for economic improvement. With a progressive state of mind, we need to embrace the future to address this matter too, keeping the future in mind is a key element.

In working with city staff, the council, and the community, we need to understand that growth plans need to remain flexible to account for future technological, economic, and political changes. They should also put a focus on sustainable growth and investing in the technologies and industries that will shape the city of Mesquite’s future. Getting everyone involved is the simple and strategic thing to do. We will need to get as many people involved as possible (local businesses, citizens, state reps, etc.), which can help economic development succeed. That will entail establishing a rapport, regaining trust, and being open-minded in hearing all sides before dictating what we think is best from a council standpoint.

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