Local Union Leaders Shut Out of Negotiations at Brewery

Molson Coors Beverage Company
Miller Coors Brewery in Fort Worth | Image by Molson Coors/webpage

Local union leaders were shut out of labor negotiations involving workers at the Miller Coors Brewery in Fort Worth, according to the Fort Worth Report:

“As an agreement between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Molson Coors was being discussed, union leaders of Local 997, the Fort Worth-based chapter, were excluded from the negotiations.

“According to a letter obtained by the Fort Worth Report, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters reached out to Local 997 members on May 15. The letter informed them of a panel where they could address whether an emergency trusteeship should be continued on their chapter.

“The trusteeship began April 28, according to the letter sent to Local 997 members. The message also was published on the local chapter’s website.

“The letter was signed by IBT General President Sean M. O’Brien.

“’During the course of the local’s dispute with the company, the International became aware of significant representational concerns and financial improprieties, and therefore initiated emergency trusteeship — to take needed action to restore proper representation,’ said Kara Deniz, the Assistant Director of the IBT’s Strategic Initiatives Department, in a statement sent to the Report.”

To read the entire article by the Fort Worth Report, please click HERE.

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