As summer approaches, leaders from Fort Worth and Dallas convened separately on Tuesday to talk about issues related to public safety.

In Cowtown, community members and leaders gathered at Potters House of Fort Worth. Dallas officials and community members met at the same time in Dallas to discuss public safety.

Here is some of what Candace Sweat reported about the discussions for NBC 5 DFW:

Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Tarrant County NAACP and local members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.


He said he’s committed to improving public safety by ensuring his staff is physically and mentally equipped.


“One of my primary jobs as the police chief of Fort Worth is to make sure I have a safe, healthy resilient department so that I have people that come serve the way they need to serve,” he said.



Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia also joined a public safety discussion happening at the same time in Dallas. He said a priority is retaining officers. He told NBC 5 that attrition numbers are down, and academy enrollment is up.


“If we can hire 250 officers a year and keep our attrition numbers down, we’ll get to that spot quicker than people might think,” Garcia said.


City leaders in both [cities] call for accountability and community involvement.

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