Richardson officials have successfully cleaned up a spill in a local river that stained the body of water a deep red due to detergent from a nearby car wash.

The Richardson municipal government said in a social media post that it had received reports of the spill around noon on January 28. Observers reportedly saw “large amounts of red liquid” flowing into the tributary of Cottonwood Creek at Arapaho Road. Photos posted by the city reveal the aftermath of the liquid entering the water.

Investigators traced the source of the liquid, later found to be a detergent, to a nearby unnamed car wash. Officials had determined that the operator had unloaded wastewater into the creek to circumvent a block in his main water waistline.

The substance was determined to be “non-hazardous.” Despite the liquid not presenting a hazard upon touch, officials did note that it could harm local wildlife.

“While no immediate impacts have been observed, it is important to note that soap detergent can potentially affect aquatic life,” read the city’s social media post. “Nonetheless, the substance is non-hazardous to the touch, and it does not emit any harmful fumes that could pose risks to individuals.”

In a post on January 29, Richardson officials reported that crews had successfully cleaned up the detergent spill, posting photos of the now clear water. Tests of the water’s quality have since shown normal results.

Cleanup crews had blocked the creek’s flow and used pumps to remove 21,000 gallons of water.

“While there could still be some residual visual evidence of the spill, impacts were minimized and the natural ecosystem and water quality is confirmed to meet safety standards,” read the city’s post on January 29. “Health Department staff will also continue to monitor the creek area for any environmental impacts.”