In a recent development impacting the employment of a number of North Texans, two companies, Intrepid USA and Kaiser Aluminum, have announced the closure of their respective facilities in Dallas and Sherman.

The closures will ultimately result in the termination of 177 employees, reported The Dallas Morning News.

Kaiser Aluminum, headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, has decided to shutter its 194,000-square-foot facility in Sherman, which has been in operation since 1963. The closure, slated for June 30, will result in the displacement of 75 employees.

The company is a vital contributor to the production of various aluminum materials, serving industries such as automotive and aerospace, according to its website. Kaiser’s most recent quarterly report disclosed a net income of $47 million for fiscal year 2023.

Despite the closure of the North Texas plant, Kaiser Aluminum said it does not anticipate closures at its other manufacturing sites, per DMN. The company emphasized its commitment to serving its clientele across its remaining 13 manufacturing facilities nationwide.

Regarding the layoffs, some affected Kaiser employees are represented by a union, which grants them certain rights in case of job displacement or layoffs. According to DMN, the company has affirmed its dedication to minimizing disruption for its employees and their families.

Intrepid USA, a Dallas-based hospice care company, is closing its corporate office in Dallas by August 19, with layoffs beginning on August 5. The layoffs will impact all 102 employees at the Dallas location, including 13 office workers and 89 remote workers, per DMN.

Intrepid USA, which also offers comprehensive patient care services, operates more than 50 locations nationwide, including two others in Texas.

Kaiser Aluminum and Intrepid USA both filed Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification notices with the Texas Workforce Commission, as required by law.

According to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act, a company employing more than 100 full-time workers must give a minimum of 60 days’ notice if it is laying off more than 50 individuals. The act aims to increase corporate transparency and give employees time to stabilize their lives or find a new job if a large layoff occurs.