Korean Community Mourns Allen Shooting Victims

Makeshift memorial outside of the Allen Outlet Mall | Image by Andrew Norsworthy, The Dallas Express

Texans continue to process the loss of life as a result of the nation’s most recent mass shooting.

The Korean Society of Dallas is mourning residents killed in the Allen outlet mall shooting.

A gunman entered the Allen outlet mall and opened fire upon random shoppers on May 6. Law enforcement was able to shoot and kill the gunman, but the shooter had already killed eight civilians and wounded seven others, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Among those dead are Kyu and Cindy Cho and their 3-year-old son James. Their older 6-year-old son William was also injured in the attack but survived and is at home recovering after being released from the ICU.

Their names are among those placed on crosses at the memorial outside the mall.

The Korean Society of Dallas has set up a similar memorial in the Korean Cultural Center for those who were killed, according to NBC DFW. Citizens were encouraged to pay their respects by leaving flowers and signing a book near the memorial.

Hannah Lee, a Dallas resident, visited the memorial with others and told NBC DFW that it was “painful” to lose that family.

“It’s not someone else’s family, it’s mine, ours, we all feel the same way,” said Lee, according to NBC DFW.

The memorial is set to remain in place through May 13.

A friend of the family started the GoFundMe page for the Cho family, which William’s grandfather later assumed control over. This fundraiser was recently closed as the family makes funeral arrangements and cares for William.

The fundraiser raised over $1.8 million.

“We are deeply grateful and sincerely appreciate this outpouring [of] love and prayers from all around the country. William is recovering well. Both Kyu and Cindy’s family will use these funds to help William continue the legacy of his parents,” reads an update from the family on the fundraising page.

With the fundraiser now closed, the Cho family encouraged those who wish to continue to offer support to consider donating to other fundraisers dedicated to the families of those slain.

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