Is Cowtown Texas’ New Hip Hotspot?

Downtown Fort Worth Inc.’s Main Table
Downtown Fort Worth Inc.’s Main Table | Image by Downtown Fort Worth/Facebook

In 1875, a sneering article in the Dallas Herald attempted to ridicule Fort Worth, labeling it as a dull and lifeless town where a panther roamed its streets undisturbed.

Little did the publication know that this jab would eventually transform into a symbol of strength for the city, now affectionately known as Panther City when it’s not referred to as Cowtown.

The panther is now featured in various aspects of Fort Worth, including the emblem of the police department, sculptures downtown, brewery logos, record store logos, and even various sports team mascots.

Fast forward nearly 150 years, and Fort Worth has emerged as the fastest-growing city in the United States. With a booming creative scene, a thriving culinary landscape, and a plethora of chic new hotels, Fort Worth is aiming to claim a spot in the limelight as one of the coolest cities in Texas.Based on the most recent estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, Fort Worth experienced a recent population surge, with an addition of over 19,000 residents between 2021 and 2022. This influx marks the highest numerical growth observed in the nation during that period.

Leading the charge in this urban renaissance is the recently opened Bowie House Auberge, a five-star boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District that recently received glorifying reviews from the British publication The Times.

However, Bowie House Auberge is just one shining star in Fort Worth’s constellation of new luxury accommodations. The Crescent, another five-star property, boasts contemporary art-focused design and a sprawling Canyon Ranch spa. Meanwhile, Hotel Drover, located in the historic Stockyards, aims to combine cowboy culture with hipster flair.

Needless to say, a chic hotel boom has hit Fort Worth.

The city is consistently trying to boost the presence of artistic energy. With lower rents and abundant work opportunities compared to other large cities within the state, Fort Worth seeks to become a haven for independent artists seeking to make their mark.

In the last two years alone, the Crockett Row area has welcomed an investment of around $250 million from Dallas-based Crescent Real Estate, hoping to add mixed-use developments, according to The Real Deal.

The city itself is a testament to the enduring allure of the Lone Star State, adapting with creative and chic developments while trying to balance the value that has garnered the drastic growth.

“Fort Worth is the fastest-growing city in America and is also currently half-developed,” said Mayor Mattie Parker at her State of the City speech in October at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Seasoned travelers, curious adventurers, or those simply seeking a new stable hometown have added to the Fort Worth boom. Many may consider now the ideal time to discover the magic of Panther City, where the Old West aims to meet the new.

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