Has Cowtown Gone Woke?

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Tarrant County Republican Party Chair Bo French is sounding the alarm about the City of Fort Worth’s alleged spending on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and its employees’ political leanings.

“According to Federal Election Commission records, for the period covering January 1st to today, 88% of federal political contributions made by City of Fort Worth employees went to Democrats. If you live in Fort Worth, your tax dollars are paying for this, just as they are paying for showings of radical gender propaganda during City programs,” French recently posted on Facebook.

French claimed that Fort Worth’s Diversity & Inclusion Department spends over $1.6 million of taxpayer money per year. He also noted that the director of the department, Christina Brooks, used to work for former Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg when he was mayor of South Bend, Indiana. She served as South Bend’s first DEI officer.

Arguing in favor of DEI policies, professional DEI advocate Alice Korngold has argued that “racism and discrimination degrade humanity, society, and economies worldwide. Building a more inclusive society is a moral imperative and also presents a powerful opportunity to unleash the economic potential of vast human resources,” per the Diplomatic Courier.

Fort Worth’s Diversity & Inclusion Department was formed after a 2018 Task Force on Race and Culture report claimed the city’s ethnic, racial, and gender disparities in “criminal justice, economic development, education, governance, health, housing, and transportation” needed to be eliminated.

The department promotes programs such as Movies that Matter, “a free bi-monthly film series program of the City of Fort Worth’s Human Relations Commission that celebrates diversity and inclusion.”

Past movies promoted by the city include A Decent Home, which focuses on class envy and economic “inequity.” Upcoming movies include The Freedom to Marry, which covers how “same-sex marriage became law of the land.”

French highlighted how Fort Worth’s DEI director gets paid more than the governor of Texas.

“Her salary alone is $191,147 annually — more than [Gov. Greg Abbott], who makes $153,750 to govern the entire State!”

In another post regarding the Fort Worth DEI department, French blasted the assistant DEI director, Angela Rush, for working for the International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA) as its treasurer.

The IAOHRA website values include the following:

“We believe that all individuals can help to achieve equality through struggle with their personal prejudices, by gaining knowledge and advocating for justice and equality for all.”

“We believe that an injustice to one is an injustice to all and embrace the ideology of unalienable human rights of all people.”

“To give you an idea, they had the infamous ‘Dr. Rachel (Richard) Levine’ speak at their conference. Sidenote — what is it with Fort Worth officials and Biden appointees? The organization’s 2023 annual conference also included Biden’s Senior Gender Policy Advisor and the Executive Director of ‘Trans Maryland’ (aptly named) which works very hard to transition children,” French wrote on Facebook.

Trans Maryland is “a multi-racial, multi-gender, trans-led community power-building organization dedicated to Maryland’s trans community. By trans folks, for trans folks.”

As recently reported by The Dallas Express, Fort Worth’s Diversity & Inclusion Department created a Diversity Matters challenge that encouraged employees to attend at least five of six “cultural awareness programs,” either in person or online, to “become a Diversity Matters Champion.” Attendees must sign in to receive credit.

The Dallas Express reached out to Brooks for comment but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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