Friday Storms Leave Damage Across North Texas

Storm Damage
Fallen tree in front yard due to storm | Image by Margoe Edwards/Shutterstock

North Texans are still cleaning up their homes and neighborhoods after a complex of storms moved through the region on Friday.

Multiple storms moved through the western regions of the metroplex on September 8, prompting the National Weather Service to issue multiple severe thunderstorm warnings for residents of cities including Fort Worth, Arlington, and North Richland Hills. Most of the damage occurred in Tarrant and Johnson counties, Fox 4 KDFW reported.

At about 10:30 p.m., the NWS reported that Tarrant County was “under the gun” as a severe storm moved through the area, bringing dime to penny-sized hail and wind speeds between 60 and 65 miles per hour.

“We had some estimates in excess of 70 with some of the damage that we saw,” said Jason Dunn, a meteorologist with the NWS in Fort Worth.

Storms passing through Johnson County were capable of producing straight-line winds up to 80 miles per hour.

Dunn said that storm winds had caused “minor damages” to 10 metal buildings, damaged power lines, and knocked down some trees. Dunn explained that the hot and dry temperatures that have persisted across the area have played a part in the trees being downed.

“We’ve been so dry that it is a little easier to push trees down,” said Dunn. “When it’s that dry, they just tend to kind of snap over.”

Candace Butler, a resident of Johnson County, told Fox 4 that winds from the storms stripped off the roof of her home and left the surrounding area strewn with debris.

Butler said the dislodged roof struck her son and one of their dogs, but neither was injured. However, Butler’s fiance was trapped in a bedroom until the storms subsided.

“My fianc√© got stuck in the bedroom, couldn’t get out and I was in the living room with all the kids and kids attached to my hip and everything,” said Butler, according to Fox 4. “From the wind hitting, he was trying to open the door and he couldn’t. The door wouldn’t open so he felt like he was going to die.”

Aaron Korta, another Johnson County resident, told Fox 4 that while his home was not damaged, the storm knocked down a tree that he had known since childhood.

“This tree’s been here since I was a kid. I just thought this tree that’s been here all my life is gone in one night. It’s kind of devastating,” said Korta, according to Fox 4.

The NWS has forecast more showers and storms this week for North Texas. While no severe conditions are expected, gusty winds, lightning, and minor flooding are possible hazards.

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