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DFW franchise owner Phil Howard went from saving lives as a search-and-rescue swimmer in the Navy to helping people be their best, measuring success by the difference he can make in other people’s lives.

“Our number one investment criteria is that we want to make a difference,” Howard told The Dallas Express. “We want to sell products and services that can truly change people’s lives in a meaningful way.”

Howard partnered with his sister to operate several different franchises in the health industry. When his sister found Dog Training Elite, it was a natural fit, explained Howard, noting that mental health is just as important as physical health.

“It didn’t take but minutes of research in Dog Training Elite to see that through puppy and dog obedience, you can do really amazing things and help dogs be good family members. With therapy and service animals, something that Dog Training Elite does that truly sets them apart, you can impact lives— really change lives — to help families cope with whatever they are going through.”

Nearly 80% of the services provided through Dog Training Elite occur in their clients’ homes. Howard explained that if you can train behaviors to improve where a dog lives, the learned behaviors will have a more lasting and significant impact.

The brick-and-mortar office for the business is in Frisco and is used primarily for office space, a designated regional training center, and a dog training camp. Howard explained that Dog Training Elite Dallas covers all of DFW, over 7 million households.

Offering in-home training to assist owners with puppy and dog obedience enhances the overall cohesion of the family. To further the organization’s reach, Dog Training Elite also has highly skilled trainers who provide training for dogs whose owners struggle with such challenges as PTSD, anxiety, mobility, autism, or need diabetic alert training.

Dog Training Elite corporate in Utah has 40 years of training experience. In the first year of Dog Training Elite Dallas, Howard noted that his territories completed every specialty training headquarters offered. “A lot of education is involved with specialized training,” said Howard.

Training is task-specific, dependent upon the area of service needed. For example, people who struggle with anxiety, trauma, or PTSD often fidget and may benefit from having a dog trained in grounding techniques, such as putting a paw on their owner or applying physical pressure to help calm them. Howard stressed that everyone is different, however, so the tasks that benefit people may also differ. Dog Training Elite focuses on each owner’s needs, catering training specific to the client.

Howard explained to DX that certain dog breeds are typically better suited for different types of training. For example, Golden Retrievers and Labradors are generally good choices for those who struggle with PTSD, and the Standard Poodle is recognized as a suitable choice for someone who is challenged with autism.

Dog Training Elite can help individuals select a dog breed recognized for excelling in specific tasks. The organization can also assist owners in finding puppies from breeders for those who wish to begin at the earliest stage, including assessing the puppies from the breeder, selecting the puppy, and training the puppy until it is ready to be released into the care for its owner as a fully trained service animal. This process, from start to finish, typically takes 12 to 18 months.

For those looking for obedience training, this is the foundational forte of Dog Training Elite Dallas.

“In the last 2.5 years, we have been extremely blessed. We have trained almost 1,100 animals for families. This is a lot of animals if you don’t happen to have a point of reference,” Howard told DX.

Up to 75% of their business is puppy and dog obedience training. Such training includes leash and potty training, stopping destructive chewing and digging, curtailing barking and jumping, and more.

For more information, including signing up for a free in-home assessment or inquiring about franchise opportunities, visit the company’s website or call 214-239-8643.

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