A nearly $12 million project to improve Park Boulevard between Country Club Road and Parker Road is scheduled to begin in August.

The construction includes about 6,500 linear feet of 24-foot-wide pavement, as well as improvements to water lines, storm drains, sidewalks, lighting, and trails, according to a state filing. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of February 2026.

According to a city document, the Park Boulevard project remains in the design phase. That section of road between Country Club and Parker Roads is a divided four-lane road, including a segment owned by Collin County east of Westgate Way. Eventually, the road may be expanded to six lanes from County Club Road to North Westgate Way.

In November 2021, voters approved three propositions totaling more than $50 million for infrastructure projects, The Wylie News reported. Proposition A ($35.1 million) also provides funding for the reconstruction and expansion of McMillen Drive and South Ballard Avenue. Funding for citywide alley and street repair is provided in Proposition B ($10 million). Proposition C provides $5 million for the historic downtown district.

“The North Central Texas Council of Governments … completed a Strategic Plan accepted by City Council with the purpose of providing a plan for enhancing Historic Downtown Wylie,” according to the city’s website. “This document, along with a downtown traffic study … and future City Council meeting discussions, would be used to select projects.”

“Projects may include developing, engineering, constructing, reconstructing, improving, repairing, extending, expanding and enhancing streets, thoroughfares, alleys and sidewalks in the Wylie downtown historic district, including necessary and related storm drainage facilities and improvements, utility relocations, street lighting, signage, noise abatements, traffic signalization, and controls equipment and the acquisition of any needed land and rights-of-way.”

A city of about 64,000 people, Wylie is a suburb of northeast Dallas, situated across Collin, Dallas, and Rockwall counties.