The DFW transit agency Trinity Metro is looking to make some changes amid a significant population boom in Fort Worth, according to a report by NBC 5 DFW:

“Trinity Metro leadership said they have added a million riders every year for the past two years. For this last fiscal year, about 7 million riders in total have passed through their train and bus system.

“‘The city of Fort Worth has recently moved up that list of largest cities in the United States to roughly 12th in the nation. With so many people coming to Fort Worth and to Tarrant County, there is a lot of opportunity for us to help provide service, help reduce congestion, improve emissions and air quality here in Tarrant County as well,’ said Chad Edwards, executive vice president of strategy, planning and development for Trinity Metro.

With so much growth in North Texas, that means the agency is prioritizing putting a five-year strategic plan together to tackle the changes that have taken place post-pandemic in Fort Worth.

“‘It’s hard to do a strategic plan if you don’t have the input of the public. And so that’s where these community meetings are very important for us to get that information from them so that we’ll be able to input that as we’re developing the strategic plan,’ said Edwards.

“The plan will help pave the way for more stations, better routes, and more projects to better serve the growing ridership.”

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