The redevelopment of Fort Worth’s Community Arts Center has been put on hold as potential developers seek additional time to revise their bids for the project.

Fort Worth has been considering ways to improve its Community Arts Center building located at 1300 Gendy St., having established a task force to determine how to transform it into a “world-class cultural hub.” Recommendations from this task force included the addition of an “incubator for emerging artists” and a live theatre space, all while incorporating existing architecture and tenants, according to the city’s website.

Feedback on the project was due on October 16 of last year, and revised/final proposals from contractors were due on October 25, according to a city presentation. City council members would have supposedly approved a bid by January of this year, with a contract becoming effective the following month.

However, developers extended the deadline to submit their final proposals until April of this year, according to the Fort Worth Report.

Two companies, Garfield Public/Private LLC and Goldenrod Companies, initially presented their revisions last year on October 11 during a public hearing. Garfield Public/Private LLC revised its proposal on October 25, while Goldenrod Companies revised theirs on November 1.

Fort Worth Assistant City Manager Fernando Costa told FWR that neither of the proposed plans had fully addressed the needs of the selection committee, with both companies needing to provide additional information. Both companies were advised to reach out to community members, task force members, art organizations, and more to address all concerns and needs.

“It’s important that any proposals for reuse of 1300 Gendy reflect the interests of our stakeholders,” said Costa, per FWR. “Naturally, any proposal should also be economically feasible, and sometimes those two objectives may conflict. But that’s part of the challenge that we’re facing.”

Goldenrod’s Southwest region president, John Zogg, said his team intends to meet with stakeholders over the next 60 days. Matt Edwards, senior vice president of Garfield Public/Private, said they have been advised to begin conversations with tenants and partners.